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BONETTA (3) Brigantine Built in 1836, Sheerness.
Broken up in 1861.

  • 1837 Lieut. H. F. DESCHAMPS, 07/1836, Cape and Coast of Africa.
    She captured the slaver TEMERARIO on 20 January 1837 and took two others in November, FELICIDAD on the 4th. and LIGERA on the 15th.
  • 1838 Lieut. John STOLL, 05/1838, Cape and Coast of Africa.
    Captured nine slavers, including three 50 miles up the River Congo, during the 26 months she was on station before returning home in May 1840.
  • 1842 Lieut. Francis AUSTEN, 03/1841, Coast of Africa.
  • 1844 Thomas BROCK, 03/1844, Surveying Vessel in the Mediterranean.
  • 1848 Lieut. Frederick FORBES, 11/1847, Coast of Africa.
    BONETTA's first prize was the Brazilian brig DOIS AMIGOS which was taken on 15 March 1848 after an all night chase. She was carrying 408 slaves.
    On 31 May she took the Brazilian slave schooner PHOCO-FOO. She was condemned and burnt.
    Although fully equipped for the trade she had been carrying no slaves.
  • On 19 June Midshipman SMALLPAGE, after a pull of nearly 15 miles in BONETTA's gig captured a schooner, TRAGAS MILLAS, fitted for the slave trade off Gallinas.
    Her next prize, on 28 June, was the Brazilian ANDORIMHA which capsized and sank as her crew was being removed.
    A schooner, ALERT, was taken on 10 August after a chase of 7 hours.
    During September two vessels, LOUIZA and ACHILLES, were captured with the help of SEALARK. During the chase of ACHILLES a man fell overboard from BONETTA. A boat was lowered and he was recovered before she made sail again.
  • 1851 Lieut. Charles WAKE, 02/1851, South-East coast of South America.
  • 1855 Chatham.
  • 1858 Deptford.

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