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BLANCHE (38) The Spanish AMPHITRITE taken by Sir Richard STRACHAN in DONEGAL off Cadiz on 25 November 1804.
Wrecked in 1807.

  • 1806 Capt. Thomas LAVIE, North Sea.
    On 19 July he captured the French frigate GUERRIER off the Farroes. She was one of the enemy squadron which had been sent out from L'Orient to destroy British and Russian whalers off Greenland and, although she mounted 50 guns, her crew of 317 men, many of whom were sickly, was soon reduced by BLANCHE's destructive fire which killed twenty and wounded thirty for the loss of only four wounded. The prize was brought into Yarmouth Roads on the 26th. Capt. LAVIE's officers included Lieuts. Thomas DAVIES, ALLAN and BASTIN (who was wounded), and Mr ROBERTSON, the master.
  • While he was with a squadron commanded by Capt. KEATS blockading Rochefort Capt. LAVIE intercepted the GEORGE WASHINGTON off Bordeaux on 15 January 1807. She had on board Capt. Kargarian, late commander of the French frigate VALEUREUSE, with 306 of his officers and men. He took the prisoners out and sent the ship to England.
  • BLANCHE was wrecked off Ushant on 4 March 1807.

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