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BITTERN (16) Built in 1796, Buckler's Hard.
Sold in 1833.

  • 1796 T. LAVIE, 06/1796.
  • 1797 Lieut. Edward KITTOE, 10/1797, West Indies. His appointment to BITTERN was confirmed by the Admiralty shortly after he engaged and captured the French privateer AGREABLE of 18 guns and 115 men on 13 September.
    The privateer DIX AOUT of 12 guns and 50 men was captured on 8 September 1798.
  • 1801 North sea and Downs. BITTERN arrived at Portsmouth on 10 March 1802.
  • 1803 Robert CORBETT, Portsmouth. She received orders for the Mediterranean on 25 December 1803 and sailed on 3 January to convoy the ABUNDANCE laden with naval stores as far as Gibraltar.
    On the 5th. ABUNDANCE went ashore on Sconce Point near the Needles and AUTUMN and several vessels from the dockyard sailed round to her assistance. They were joined on the 10th. by MORGIANA, which was on her way to raise seamen in Ireland, and ABUNDANCE was finally got off on the 14th. BITTERN went on to Malta. She arrived back at Gibraltar on 2 March 1803 from Malta after a voyage of 21 days.
    On 24 April she spoke with the sloop DASHER and the storeship ABUNDANCE on their way to Malta.
  • After a chase of several hours to the west of Cape Spartel BITTERN captured a French privateer schooner CAILLE on 10 September 1803. She was quite new, out of Marseilles but with only six of her 14 6-pounders on board the rest were to be mounted at Cadiz.
  • In October 1804 Capt. CORBETT requested a few weeks sick leave to go into hospital in Malta and Lord NELSON wrote to Lieut. Henry DUNCAN, then serving in ROYAL SOVEREIGN, suggesting that if Lieut. DUNCAN took temporary command of BITTERN he would be confirmed as a commander before Capt. CORBETT resumed his command and advising him to get his things on board SEAHORSE during the afternoon of the 4th. as she was sailing for Malta in the morning. Unfortunately for Lieut. DUNCAN, when he arrived in Malta he discovered that Capt. CORBETT had recovered his health and returned to BITTERN.
  • 1807 Edward Augustus DOWN, Gibraltar.
    On 2 August 1807 he captured the Spanish privateer settee VERGA DEL ROSARIO off Cape Passaro. Armed with two long guns and carrying 20 men she had been out of Tunis for 28 days and captured three Maltese vessels, one of these, laden with brandy and wine, he recaptured the same day.
  • 1808 Plymouth.
  • 1812 George Augustus HIRE, 07/1812, fitting out at Plymouth.
  • 1814 Ditto, Plymouth. Later used as a tender at Plymouth.

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