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BERMUDA (10) Built in 1808, Frindsbury (Cherokee class).
Lost in 1816.

  • 1809 Alexander CUNNINGHAM, 01/1809, Downs.
    BERMUDA was telegraphed at Dungerness by CASTILIAN on the afternoon of 3 May 1812 with the news that SKYLARK and APELLES were ashore to the westward of Boulogne. She weighed and, with RINALDO in company, set sail for the French coast. At dawn the following day RINALDO was seen pursuing APELLES which the enemy had got afloat about five miles eastward of Etaples and were sailing along the shore under jury rig. Both sloops came up with her about nine AM and, with a few broadsides, drove her ashore on a falling tide under a battery three miles east of Etaples. CASTILIAN and PHIPPS joined and at about half past two BERMUDA led them all in line under the battery driving the French troops out of APELLES with their broadsides. The boats of the squadron under Lieut. SAUNDERS, first of BERMUDA, then went in under shot and shell from the battery and field pieces, and brought her out without loss to themselves. APELLES was badly damaged but seven guns and most of the stores remained on board. Four French soldiers, calling themselves the King of Rome's bodyguard, were found in her. SKYLARK was completely destroyed by fire. Except for Capt. HOFFMAN of APELLES and nineteen of his people who were taken prisoner, the crews of both vessels escaped in their boats.
    Capt. CUNNINGHAM was advanced to post rank on 12 August 1812.
  • 1812 James John Gordon BREMER, Downs.
    At daylight off Boulogne on 11 September 1812 he saw DWARF and PIONEER chasing a French lugger from the north west. At 10 o'clock the lugger tried to cross BERMUDA's bow and Capt. BREMER had to fire several broadsides of grape into her before she surrendered to the boats of DWARF and PIONEER with three killed and sixteen wounded. The lugger was LE BON GENIE of Boulogne with only four of her sixteen guns mounted. She had sailed the previous evening.
  • 1814 Thomas WOLRIDGE, Downs coast of Spain.
  • 1816 John PACKENHAM (2), 09/1815, Gulf of Mexico. She was wrecked near the Tampico Bar on 16 November 1816.

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