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BEAVER (14) Built in 1795, Harwich.
Sold in 1808.

  • She was first commissioned by S. G. WARNER in December 1795. He was followed by R. BROWNE, 07/1796, and R. MATSON, 11/1797.
  • 1798 Christopher Basset JONES, 12/1798.
    BEAVER spent the whole of the years 1800-1801 cruising in the Channel, spending about three weeks at sea each time, followed by a few days in Portsmouth.
  • BEAVER returned to Portsmouth from Cork on 19 August 1802 after calling at Plymouth and during the 23 and 24 August Capt. JONES faced a court martial on board DONNEGAL in Portsmouth Harbour.
    He was charged by Lieut. William CASE of using scandalous and unofficer like language to the said lieutenant.
    This was proved and Capt. JONES was sentenced to be dismissed from the service.
    A charge of running the vessel aground through obstinacy was found to be frivolous but one of tyranny and oppression was partly proved.
  • 1803 Deptford.
  • 1804 Charles PELLY, Downs.
    On 31 March 1804 the boats of BEAVER and SCORPION (18) with the two commanders brought out the Dutch brig ATALANTE (16) from the Vlie passage at the entrance to the Texel. (see SCORPION for detail). The naval medal was awarded for the action.
  • 1805 C. M. GREGORY, North Sea.
    While cruising off Heligoland GREGORY in September 1805 received information that the French were quitting the north German coast. He made sail for Cuxhaven and discovered that their armies had pulled back from the banks of the Elbe and Weser on the 23rd. to concentrate at Frankfurt. The news was taken to England by Lieut. BROMPTON in a Prussian galliot and the following month the blockade on the two rivers was lifted.
  • 1807 Sheerness.

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