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BEAGLE (4) Built in 1820, Woolwich (Cherokee class).
Sold in 1870.

  • 1825 Pringle STOKES, 09/1825, Woolwich.
  • 1826 Ditto, South America. BEAGLE was placed under the orders of Capt. KING of ADVENTURE to Survey and chart the coast line of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.
    The two vessels entered the Straits of Magellan on 19 December 1826 but because of severe gales they did not reach Port Famine near the southern end of the Brunswick Peninsular until 6 January. While ADVENTURE remained there with the HOPE tender, BEAGLE proceeded to the western extremity of the straits. Here Lieut. William George SKYRING in the tender ADELAIDE surveyed all the coast from the Gulf of Penasto to the southward of the Guanaco Islands. BEAGLE fixed the position of Cape Pilar on the Isle of Desolation before joining ADVENTURE at Port Famine at the beginning of March, and early in April the two vessels sailed for Monte Video. Capt. STOKES, suffering from overwork, took his own life in August 1828 and was succeeded in the command of BEAGLE by Lieut. SKYRING. BEAGLE was found to be so rotten on her return that she was practically rebuilt in Plymouth before her next voyage.
  • 1830 Robert FITZROY, 11/1829. 'The Darwin Expedition'.
    The main aims of the voyage were to chart the South American coast and carry out a series of chronological readings around the world. BEAGLE sailed from Plymouth on 27 December 1831, after two false starts on the 10th. and 21st., carrying 74 people. Until the summer of 1834 she worked along the east coast then sailed through the Beagle Channel to the south of Tierra del Fuego into the Pacific were she spent some 14 months along the coast of Chile. To the Galapagos Is. on 16 September 1835 and Tahiti on 15 November. After visiting New Zealand, Sydney and Tasmania between December 1835 and February 1836 she sailed across the Indian Ocean via the Cocos Is. and Mauritius to round the Cape during June. After visiting St Helena and Ascension she crossed the Atlantic to Bahia to complete the chain of chronometer readings. BEAGLE arrived at Falmouth on 2 October 1836 after nearly five years away.
  • 1838 J. C. WICKHAM, 02/1837, surveying on the Australian station.
  • From 1846 she was used as a Customs watch vessel.
  • She was renamed WV. 7 in May 1863 and sold to Murray & Trainer in May 1870.

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