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BARBARA (10) Schooner Built in 1806, Bermuda.
Sold in 1815.

  • On 17 September 1807 while commanded by Lieut. Edward D'ARCY she was taken by the privateer GENERAL ERNOUF (14) renamed PERATY and used as a privateer. She was retaken, after a chase of 24 hours, on 17 July 1808 by Capt. Alexander SKENE in GUERRIERE. He found her waiting in the track of a valuable Jamaica convoy, the position of which had been betrayed by the captain of an American brig. PERATY/BARBARA had been re-fitted at Charleston and had sailed from there on the 10th., commanded by M. Maurison, with stores for 3 months.
  • 1811 Halifax Station.
  • 1812 Lieut. James MORGAN, 03/1812, Cork. BARBARA spent the rest of 1812 cruising the N. W. coast of Ireland and was then employed off Boulogne.
  • On the morning of 11 February 1813 BARBARA was about 3 miles off Boulogne pier when she saw a lugger at anchor and made sail towards her. The lugger cut her cable and fled to join six others which which stood out to cut off the retreat of the British ship. BARBARA's rigging was much damaged by fire from shore batteries but she continued her approach and repulsed two attempts to board her, causing casualties on the French side. The enemy, in confusion, stood inshore. The following day Morgan drove a lugger on shore and destroyed her.
  • On 13 April 1813 BARBARA entered the port of Aalborg in Lum Fjord, Denmark, and brought out a ship of 400bm, two galliots and a sloop loaded with corn.
  • On 3 July she had an inconclusive engagement with a cutter-rigged praam NORGE, a vessel she met later the same month under a flag of truce. After hearing a remark by the Danish commander comparing BARBARA's ten 12pdr carronades with his own six 18pdr carronades and two long 32pdr guns, MORGAN sought permission to exchange two of his carronades for long 6pdrs.
  • On 11 August BARBARA's boats with 26 men under the 2nd master, a midshipman and MORGAN's clerk, destroyed the signal station and a battery on Great Grasholm island. Later the same day she was in action again with NORGE and 9 gunboats and had her foremast shot away, other spars and rigging damaged and the hull holed. She put into Gotenburg with 3 feet of water in the hold and while being repaired she sank. She was raised and was back at sea within a few days.
  • During the nine months she spent in the Baltic BARBARA captured and destroyed no less than 2544 tons of enemy shipping. With help from the privateer HAWKE of Hastings she captured a Danish privateer and retook a ship from under the guns of Lessoe Island.
  • 1814 Ditto, Plymouth. Lieut. MORGAN resigned his command in July 1814 due to the failure of his prize brokers at Gottenburg.
  • 1815-16 Woolwich.

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