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BARBADOES (16) The American HERALD taken in 1813.
  • 1814 John FLEMING, Leeward Is.
    He was employed in searching out American trade and privateers. The Swedish ship GOTHLAND, laden with corn, was taken on 31 January 1814 and sent into Antigua. He reported from English Harbour on the 11 April that he had captured, after a chase of 60 hours off San Domingo, the American privateer sloop POLLY mounting one long 18-pounder and four long 6-pounders and carrying 57 men.
    The schooner COMMODORE DECATUR was taken on 6 October 1814 and the schooner GALLANT HULL on 26 December.
  • On 11 January 1815 he took the privateer schooner FOX, armed with 7 guns and 12 days out of Wilmington.
    On 16 February 1815 he took the American letter of marque brigantine VIDETTE off St. Bartholomew. She was armed with three guns and carried 30 men.
    The following month he captured the American privateer brig AVON on 8 March after a short action. She was pierced for 22 guns but mounted three long 24-pounders and eleven long 9-pounders and carried a crew of 129 men. Lieut. WEST and three men in BARBADOES were wounded and ten men were killed and wounded in the privateer.
  • BARBADOES took part in the expedition against Guadeloupe on 8 August 1815 to remove the Buonapartists who had kept the inhabitants ignorant of events in Europe. The British forces were assisted by French royalist troops from Martinique with two corvettes and a schooner.
  • CHANTICLEER, FAIRY and ESPIEGLE covered the first landing at Saint Sauveur then Capt. FLEMING, with Capt. BAKER of FAIRY and Capt. CHADS of COLUMBIA, covered the landing of the troops at Grand Anse and soon silenced the battery with their fire. 2,000 men were landed without loss. The third landing was made the following morning near Ballif with COLUMBIA, CHANTICLEER and MUROS. The enemy capitulated on the 10th.
  • After the war she was used as a powder hulk in Jamaica.

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