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BANN (20) Built in 1814, Upnor.
Sold in 1829.

  • 1815 Thomas WHINYATES, Leith station.
    In August 1815 Edward SCOBELL was appointed to BANN but never went to sea in her.
  • 1816 William FISHER, coast of Africa.
  • 1820 W. B. BIGLAND, Jamaica. Jodrell LEIGH, 12/1820, Jamaica.
  • 1821 John Ralph BLOIS, 03/1821, Jamaica. Charles PHILLIPS, 10/1821, was appointed to command BANN then fitting out for the Africa station after SPEY had proved defective.
    He rescued 813 slaves in 4 months but the ship was badly hit by fever. By the beginning of May 1823, at Ascension, BANN had already lost the purser, gunner, captain's clerk, 2 midshipmen, 20 sailors, 5 marines and 4 boys. Capt. PHILLIPS suffered four severe attacks himself.
    (Capt. PHILLIPS had previously invented an improved capstan of much greater power.
    Capt. PARRY said of it that without it the FURY would have spent another winter in the ice.)
  • 1823 John FILMORE, 05/1823, Coast of Africa.
    When he arrived at Cape Coast as a passenger aboard the SWINGER gunbrig he discovered that Commodore Sir Robert MENDS had died six weeks previously, so he immediately appointed himself to the OWEN GLENDOWER frigate, and assumed command of the station.
    The Admiralty did not confirm his commission and he was not promoted until after he had returned home through ill health. (see CYRENE)
  • 1824 Geo. COURTENAY, 12/1823, Coast of Africa.
    In 1824 BANN captured two Brazilian vessels with 728 slaves on board. The total rescued by the squadron under Commodore BULLEN totalled 10,814 between April 1824 and June 1827.
  • 1825 Chatham.

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