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BADGER Built in 1808, Frindsbury (Cherokee class).
Broken up in 1864.

  • 1808 Henry WILSON, Chatham.
    On 15 May 1809 BADGER and TROMPEUSE fell in with 11 gun schuyts standing to the eastward from Boulogne.
    When the sloops approached the enemy vessels tried to get into Ambleteuse but three of them overshot the harbour and had to go round Cap Gris Nez where the boats of the two vessels under Lieut. STRONG of TROMPEUSE attacked them during the night. Two, each mounting two long 6-pounders and two howitzers with 13 men, were boarded and brought out under heavy fire from batteries and musketry on the beach. The other was driven on to the rocks. The enemy had two men wounded and six threw themselves into the sea.
  • 1811 J. L. MANLEY, cruising North Sea.
  • 1812 Ditto, Mediterranean.
    The French privateer LA COMTESSE D'EMERICAU was destroyed during an action with BADGER in February 1812, as she hauled her wind she was upset and only 14 of her 110 men could be saved by the sloop's cutter since her gig and jolly boat had been shot through.
  • 1813 Charles HOLE, who had served as Sir Edward PELLEW's first lieutenant in CALEDONIA until promoted by him into BADGER on 29 August 1812. Downs Mediterranean.
    Off Port Mahon on 30 October 1813 he captured the French privateer AVENTURE of two guns and 26 men which was four days out of Barcelona.
    Since BADGER was continually in contact with Malta while plague was prevalent in the island she was not given a clean bill of health (pratique) for 337 days.
  • Samuel Trevor DICKENS, 04/1814, Mediterranean.
  • 1815 Hon. Orlando BRIDGEMAN, 12/12/14, until paid off on 28 August 1816. She assisted at Guadeloupe in 1815.
  • 1817 Sheerness.
  • 1826 Charles CROWDY 12/1825, North Sea station.
    On 11 March 1828 Cdr. CROWDY was tried by court martial on board the flagship at Portsmouth on charges, brought by Lieut. Raymond EVANS of BADGER, of unofficer like, ungentlemanly and oppressive conduct towards the officers and crew of BADGER. He was admonished for striking some of the crew when they were not exerting themselves in a moment of danger.
    (Eight days earlier EVANS had been found not guilty of disobeying his commander's orders relative to alterations in the berthing of the men.)
  • 1829 Richard Freeman ROWLEY, 01/1829, served on the Plymouth, North Sea and Cape of Good Hope stations. Cdr. ROWLEY was promoted to post captain on 20 February 1830.
  • 1830 George STOW, 02/1830, at Mauritius where BADGER was employed as a mooring vessel.
  • In 1833 she was converted into a receiving hulk.

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