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BABET (20) The French LA BABET, Lieut. Belhomme, was taken on 23 April 1794 off the Isle of Bas by FLORA, MELAMPUS and ARETHUSE; POMONE was taken at the same time. Foundered in 1801.
  • 1795 Capt. J. MURRAY, 02/1795. Capt. J. MULOCK, 04/1795. Capt. Edward CODRINGTON, 05/1795.
    He was with Lord BRIDPORT when he encountered the enemy fleet off L'Orient on 22 June.
    Any members of her crew still surviving were awarded the Naval Medal in 1847.
    Capt. William Granville LOBB, 12/1795. She was with a small group of vessels under Capt. Thomas PARR in MALABAR which, with some troops under Maj. Gen. White, quietly took possession of the Dutch settlements of Demerara and Essequibo on 23 April 1796 and captured two warships, THETIS and ZEEMEEUW, (which were afterwards lost) and several richly laden merchantmen.
  • 1797 Capt. Jemmett MAINWARING, 06/1797. Channel.
  • 1798 Leeward Is.
    On 16 January 1798 Lieut. Samuel PYM with two boats went in chase of a schooner sweeping between Martinique and Dominica.
    After pulling for four hours the leading boat, the pinnace, got within gunshot and came under a steady fire before she could get alongside.
    The schooner put up a desperate fight before submitting as the second boat came up. She was the French national schooner DESIREE (6) four of her crew of 46 were killed, eight drowned and 15 wounded.
    Lieut. PYM only lost one man killed and another drowned but he and remaining ten of his crew were all wounded, five severely.
  • 1799 Off the coast of Holland.
    On 21 September Vice Ad. MITCHELL shifted his flag from ISIS to BABET in order to cross over the mud flats in the Zuider Zee. Leaving ISIS, MELPOMENE and JUNO with yards and topmasts struck, they weighed at 10 o'clock and, with four bombs, ESPIEGLE, SPEEDWELL, LADY ANN and PRINCE WILLIAM, reached Medemblic at about noon. In the afternoon they anchored off Enkhuizen and Ad. MITCHELL went ashore to reinstate the Burgomasters who had remained loyal to the House of Orange.
    The defeat of the Duke of York on 7 October and the consequent evacuation of Holland by British and Russian forces, meant Ad. MITCHELL had to withdraw from the Zuider Zee.
  • 1800 Ditto, re-fitting at Sheerness for the West Indies.
  • When BABET vanished without trace in the West Indies during 1801, it was assumed that she had foundered.

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