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ANNE Armed brig No details.
  • 1807 Lieut. James M'KENZIE, Plymouth.
    On her way to Gibraltar with dispatches in November 1809 ANNE fell in with, and captured, the Spanish privateer lugger VANSIGO some 40 miles off the Portuguese coast on the 20th. She had only six 4-pounders and one long brass 12-pounder mounted and had been out from Ferrol for eight days. Lieut. M'KENZIE put nine of his crew of thirty-nine aboard the prize and took off forty-two prisoners.
    When the two vessels entered the Straits of Gibraltar in a strong breeze on the 24th., the wind died as 10 Spanish gunboats rowed towards them from Tarifa. In an action lasting several hours the VANSIGO was recaptured after hailing ANNE to say that they had lost three men killed. Two of the gunboats struck but, because of the large number of prisoners on board, Lieut. M'KENZIE was unable to take possession of them. The gunboats threatened to board ANNE but, finding her guns well supplied with ball and grape, they swept out of gun range taking the lugger with them. ANNE had no casualties.

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