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ANDROMEDA (32) Built in 1784, Liverpool.
Hospital ship in 1808.

  • 1787 Capt. H. R. H. Prince WILLIAM HENRY.
    ANDROMEDA anchored at Port Royal on 15 November 1788. The whole House of Assembly waited on him with its congratulations and on 2nd of December they voted 1,000 pounds for the purchase of an elegant star encrusted with diamonds "as a humble testimony to the very high respect and esteem the island entertained for his eminent virtues. " (Subsequently the same body voted 3,000 guineas for a piece of plate for H. R. H.
    for "his great parliamentary services relative to the African slave trade. ") On 19 May 1789 he was created Duke of Clarence and moved to command VALIANT.
  • 1793 Capt. J. SALISBURY.
  • 1794 Capt. J. SOTHERBY. North Sea. He was appointed to the BOMBAY CASTLE on 1 June 1795.
  • 1795 Capt. William TAYLOR, who served on the coast of Scotland, at Newfoundland, at Halifax and in the Channel until the spring of 1799 when he moved to MAGNANIME.
  • 1799 Capt. Henry INMAN, 01/1799, Sheerness.
    During the evening of 4 May 1800, while ANDROMEDA was saluting in Margate Roads, some powder blew up in the cabin, wounding fourteen men and depriving them of their sight.
    Some of them recovered
  • After spending some time blockading Dunkirk Capt. INMAN decided that it was possible to destroy or capture the enemy ships at anchor there. His plan was approved and he was joined by the necessary reinforcements on 27 June 1800. Due to contrary winds the attack did not take place until 7 July and this gave the French an opportunity to prepare to receive the large squadron of fire ships, cutters and luggers ranged against them. Mr. SCOTT, first Lieutenant of ANDROMEDA took command of the boats in a gig with Mr COCHRANE, third Lieutenant, in another boat. The second Lieutenant, Mr Andrew KING was left in charge of ANDROMEDA.
    The French frigate DESIREE, mounting 40 guns, with long 24-pounders on the main deck, and a complement of 30 men was captured by Cdr. Patrick CAMPBELL of the DART sloop but, although the captains of the fire ships remained on board until their vessels were enveloped in flames, the other four escaped by cutting and standing down the inner channel inside the Braak sands. They regained their old anchorage in the morning. (See DART for more details.)
    To observe the attack Capt. INMAN had boarded the VIGILANT cutter and during the night he had a narrow escape when his vessel was mistaken for a French gunboat. Fortunately the broadside fired at him was aimed too high and the crew lost no time in calling out the pass-word.
    Capt. INMAN sent a cutter with some of the more badly wounded officers and men from DESIREE under flag of truce to the commander of the French squadron.
  • ANDROMEDA sailed from Portsmouth for the West Indies on 1 December 1800 with Lord Lavington on board.
  • 1801 Capt. J. BRADBY, West Indies. Capt. Edward Durnford KING removed to ANDROMEDA from LEVIATHAN and commanded her until the end of the war when he was obliged to return home due to bad health
  • 1802 Capt. Charles FEILDING brought ANDROMEDA home. She sailed from Fort Royal, Martinique, on 21 August 1802 and arrived in Portsmouth on 24 September. She paid off on 8 October and was laid up.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Portsmouth.

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