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ANDROMACHE (38) The PRINCESS CHARLOTTE taken as the JUNON by Capt. MARKHAM's squadron in the Mediterranean on 18 June 1799 and renamed ANDROMACHE in January 1812.
Broken up in 1828.

    See PRINCESS CHARLOTTE for earlier history
  • 1813 Capt. G. TOBIN, 09/1805 (as PRINCESS CHARLOTTE). She formed part of Sir George COLLIER's squadron at the siege of San Sebastian In August 1813 ANDROMACHE, PRESIDENT, REVOLUTIONAIRE AND MAGICIENNE were at anchor off the town and their seamen were used in the breaching batteries in the attack.
  • On 23 October 1813 ANDROMACHE fell in with a large frigate under jury masts. She was the TRAVE, mounting twenty-eight French 18-pounders and sixteen 18-pounder carronades, which had been dismasted in a gale on the 16th. As she tried to escape she endeavoured for half an hour to disable ANDROMACHE with her stern chasers but, hampered by her jury rig and with her escape cut off by an approaching EUROTAS, she was obliged to surrender after 15 minutes action with one man killed and 27 wounded. ANDROMACHE's first lieutenant, Mr Thomas DICKINSON was severely wounded. He recovered and went on to command LIGHTNING.
  • On 20 December ANDROMACHE captured the French national schooner PROSPERE off Arcasson and, on 18 January 1814, the American letter of marque ship FAIR, bound for France from Boston. The privateer ketch COMETE of fourteen 6-pounders was taken off Bordeaux on 14 March.
  • On 17 March Rear Ad. PENROSE, in Passages with EGMONT, ANDROMACHE, BELLE POULE, VESUVIUS, PODARGUS, MARTIAL and DWARF, received a request from Wellington that his squadron should enter the Gironde.
    It was not until the 24th. that they were able to get out and they entered the Gironde on the 27th. with Rear Ad. PENROSE standing on the fore-part of EGMONT's poop to pilot them in. They came under fire from the batteries on Pointe de la Coubre as they approached the French ships, REGULUS (74) SANS SOUCI, corvette, and two brigs, anchored off Royan. These fled up stream to take refuge behind a shoal off Talmont, pursued by the British ships under heavy fire from batteries along the northern shore.
  • On 30 March the Rear Admiral in PORCUPINE took ANDROMACHE, VESUVIUS, CHALLENGER, POLDARGUS and DWARF up towards Blaye.
  • ANDROMACHE was with the fleet assembled at Spithead during the visit of the allied sovereigns in June 1814 and was paid off at Deptford on 23 July.
  • 1815 Out of commission at Woolwich.
  • 1817 Capt. William Henry SHIRREFF, 09/1817, South American station. He visited New South Shetland on a voyage from Valparaiso and returned home on 31 August 1821.

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