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ANDROMACHE (28) Built in 1832, Pembroke.
Hulk 1854.

  • 1833 Capt. Bernard YEOMAN, 09/1833, Plymouth.
  • 1834 Capt. Henry Ducie CHADS, 01/1834, East Indies.
  • In the spring of 1834 the Chinese agreed to open five ports, including Canton, to general trade.
  • On 7 September ANDROMACHE, IMOGENE (28) Capt. BLACKWOOD, and the LOUISA, tender, which had been anchored off Chuenpee Point, weighed to proceed up the Canton River through the Bocca Tigris or Bogue.
    As the approached the narrow passage shots were fired from the forts on either side which fell astern of the ships. ANDROMACHE stood towards the fort on Anunghoy Point to the east and IMOGENE to the one on Wangtung Is.
    on the other side. Both forts were soon silenced although they reopened whenever the British ceased firing. The passage lasted nearly an hour and three-quarters but the ships sustained little damage.
    When the wind dropped they had to anchor below Tiger Is. until the afternoon of the 9th. then, when the Chinese again fired at them, they replied with much heavier fire than on the first occasion and did a great deal of damage to the forts before anchoring below the bar between Elliot and Parker Islands. The ships lost two men killed and 6 or 7 wounded.
  • She was ordered home at the end of 1836.
  • 1838 Capt. Robert Lambert BAYNES, 02/1838, Sheerness for Central America. During the French operations in Mexico during 1838-39 the British interests along the coast were looked after by a squadron under Vice Ad. Sir Charles PAGET which included ANDROMACHE.
  • 1842 Cape of Good Hope.
  • 1844 Out of commission at Devonport.

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