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ANACONDA An American privateer taken by SCEPTRE in 1813.
Sold in 1815.

  • While leading an advanced division of boats at the capture of Portsmouth and Ocracoke Island in North Carolina on 12 July 1813, Lieut. George Augustus WESTPHAL, first of SCEPTRE pulled directly for a large brig, the ANACONDA, under cover of some rockets. Although she mounted eighteen long 9-pounders and was supported by a ten gun schooner, the ATLAS, her crew cut her cable and abandoned her. The brig, being a beautiful vessel and fully coppered, was immediately purchased into the service and commissioned by Lieut. WESTPHAL who had been promoted by the Admiralty four days earlier. His crew consisted initially of only 60 men and these, being drafted from other ships in the squadron, were naturally those with the worst character.
  • ANACONDA was re-fitted at Halifax and then escorted twelve merchant vessels from there to the West Indies. On passage she engaged two large American privateers. One of these struck after losing her jib-boom and fore-top-mast but escaped when ANACONDA, chasing after the second, lost her own fore-top-mast.
  • In March 1814 ANACONDA was stationed off the Mississippi delta under the orders of Capt. MILWARD of HERALD. During Sir Alexander COCHRANE's expedition against New Orleans in December Capt. WESTPHAL hove the ANACONDA some five miles over a bank with only eight feet of water in order to enter the Lac Borgne. This put him some 20 miles ahead of the other brigs and he was able to protect the open boats carrying troops and supplies from the fleet to the army and to rescue a number of them in the frequent periods of bad weather. There were no losses during the period ANACONDA was on this service.
  • After Capt. LOCKYER's successful attack (see SOPHIE) on an American flotilla in the Lac, ANACONDA evacuated the wounded which numbered 77. Capt. WESTPHAL later landed with the greater part of his officers and men and fought in the naval brigade under Capt. TROUBRIDGE, serving the batteries before New Orleans.
  • In February 1815 ANACONDA, with the SHELBURNE schooner under Capt. WESTPHAL's orders, was sent to cruise off the Florida coast north of the Havana.
    At the conclusion of hostilities ANACONDA was surveyed at Jamaica and condemned because of the damage she had received in the operations against New Orleans.

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