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AMPHITRITE (28) Built in 1778, Northam as POMONA.
Renamed AMPHITRITE in 1795.
Broken up in 1811.

  • 1797 Capt. Charles EKINS, Convoy to the Leeward Is. under the orders of Capt. BAGOT of TRENT.
  • In 1798 she captured the schooner GUADELOUPEENNE (10), PRIZE DE MATTHE (8), and BORDELAIS (6) plus a large number of other enemy vessels and privateers.
    The privateer brig DUQUESNE (16) was taken on 22 May 1799 and sent into Barbados.
  • She bore Lord SEYMOUR's flag at the capture of Surinam in 1799. AMPHITRITE and UNITE captured the Devil's Islands off the coast of Cayenne.
    In March 1801 Capt. EKINS was ill and was unable to be on board AMPHITRITE when she sailed with Sir John DUCKWORTH on a expedition against the Virgin Is. However he recovered in time to take passage from Barbados in the PROSELYTE, which with COROMANDEL was a escorting reinforcements, and reached St. Martin time to supervise the debarkation. After an attack of yellow fever Capt. EKINS was sent home with Rear Ad. DUCKWORTH's dispatches.
  • 1801 Capt. HARVEY. She sailed from Portsmouth on 24 August 1801 to become guardship at the Needles.
  • 1803 Portsmouth.

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