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AMBUSCADE (40) The French L'EMBUSCADE taken on 12 October 1798 by Rear Ad. Sir J. B. WARREN's squadron off the coast of Ireland. Renamed SEINE in January 1804 when the original AMBroken upSCADE of 1773 was retaken.
Broken up in 1813.

  • 1800 Capt. TALBOT, 01/1800, appointed from EURYDICE.
  • 1800 Capt. Hon. John COLVILLE.
    During a gale on 23 September she arrived in Plymouth from Jersey with the officers and crews of the HAVICK (18) and PELICAN (16) which had been wrecked in St. Aubyn's Bay. After their masts had gone the two vessels had been battered by mountainous seas for nearly six hours. HAVICK was a complete loss and PELICAN was badly damaged.
    AMBUSCADE spent December cruising in the Channel, returning to Plymouth on 13 January 1801.
    On Christmas Eve she sent in the American brig SUSANNA, Capt. Donaghadu, bound for Bordeaux from Philadelphia with sugar and coffee.
    During her next cruise she sent into Plymouth a large Danish vessel on 28 February.
    On 18 September she went out into Plymouth Sound to attend a convoy for the Downs and later sailed for the West Indies.
  • AMBUSCADE left Port Royal, Jamaica, on 7 December 1801 and arrived in Portsmouth on 19 January 1802. She was employed in the suppression of smuggling during the remainder of the short lived peace.
    The next two years were spent cruising out of Portsmouth, usually for periods of about 7 days, and escorting convoys in the Channel.
  • For her future history see SEINE.

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