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AMAZON (36) Built in 1795, Rotherhithe.
Wrecked in 1797.

  • 1796 Capt. Robert Carthew REYNOLDS, watching the French at Brest with a small flotilla under Capt. Sir Edward PELLEW.
    On 11 Dec. AMAZON was sent with the news that Rear Ad. de Richery had arrived in Brest from L'Orient with 7 ships of the line in preparation for an assault on Ireland.
    On the 13th., when the French ships were returning to France having accomplished very little, DROITS DE HOMME (74) encountered INDEFATIGABLE and AMAZON, who were still off Brest. PELLEW was seven miles ahead of his consort when he first got within hail and a hot action began. An hour and a half later AMAZON came up and poured a broadside into the Frenchman's quarter. DROITS DE HOMME continued to run east south east with the two frigates on either side yawing to rake her. At 4. 20 am on 14 January land was suddenly sighted and the frigates hauled off in opposite directions. AMAZON, going north, was unable to wear of and ran aground on the sands at Adiant. Six were drowned when they made off in the cutter, and the rest made prisoner. DROITS DE HOMME was wrecked on the Penmarks.
    In a court martial on 29 Sept. 1797, Capt. REYNOLDS and his officers were honourably acquitted.

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