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AMAZON (26) 5th rate The French LA PANTHERE taken by Vice Ad. MARTIN in the Channel on 26 March 1745 (Clowes says she was French LA SUBTILE taken by PORTLAND 19 Nov. 1746).
Sold in 1763.

  • 1745 Cdr. Thomas KNACKSTON. On 14 July he was promoted from lieutenant to be commander of AMAZON.
  • 1747 Capt. Samuel FAULKNOR (2). Capt. Michael EVERITT. Appointed on 13 December.
    In the summer of 1747 she captured the French privateer LOUP, the ex-British sloop WOLF which had been taken in Nov.
    On 12 Sept. 1747 she had an indecisive action with LA RENOMMEE (32) which was bound for San Domingo. They were both badly damaged when they lost contact during the night and the French ship was captured by DOVER (50).
  • 1752 Capt. Arthur GARDINER, Irish station.
  • 1756 Capt. William NORTON. Promoted to post-captain in AMAZON on 15 November. In 1759 she was with the fleet on the Leeward Is. station under Commodore John MOORE.
  • 1757 Capt. William NORTON, with Commodore John MOORE's fleet in the Leeward Is.
    They were joined at Carlisle Bay in Barbados by 4,400 troops under General Hobson who arrived from England in January. An abortive attack was made at Fort Royal Bay in Martinique on the 16th., but the troops were outnumbered and had to be re-embarked. After RIPON (60) had bombarded some batteries at St. Pierre, thoughts of attacking the island were abandoned and Guadeloupe became the new target. Using unnecessary force Basse Terre was bombarded by the ships of the line on 23 January and the town was destroyed by four bomb vessels the next day. The French governor retired to the interior to fight on for three months before capitulating on 1 May.
    Meanwhile MOORE took his fleet to Dominica to watch a French squadron under M. de Bombart which lay at Martinique without being able to interfere.
  • 1760 Capt. Sir Basil KEITH. He was appointed in July, three months before being promoted to post-captain, and she was employed as a cruiser on the Channel station. On 31 January 1761 with the SOLEBAY, Capt. DALRYMPLE in company, he fell in with a French privateer off Calais called the CHEVERT belonging to Dunkirk, carrying 18 six-pounders and 160 men. After a chase she got under the protection of a battery mounting four heavy guns about half past two in the afternoon. Both ships persisted with their attack despite a heavy defensive fire. About four the privateer ran aground and soon afterwards struck to the AMAZON and was got off undamaged. Capt. KEITH remained in AMAZON until the end of the war, sailing to join Rear Ad. RODNEY on the Leeward Is. station on 7 August 1761.

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