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AMARANTHE (18) Built in 1804, Deptford (Cruizer class).
Sold 1815

  • 1805 Edward Pelham BRENTON, 01/1805, North Sea then Leeward Is.
    On the morning of 12 December 1808 the French brig CYGNE and two schooners were discovered by MORNE FORTUNEE at anchor near Pearl Rock, Martinique, and CIRCE, STORK and EPERVIER were summoned from off St. Pierre. One schooner ran on shore under a battery which was silenced by fire from the ships. Disobeying orders to wait for a bombardment, Lieut. CROOKE of CIRCE went in with three boats to attack CYGNE but met heavy fire which caused a dreadful slaughter. Out of the 68 men involved only 12 returned.
    During the night AMARANTHE came up and at daybreak she was towed within range of CYGNE which had grounded to the north of St. Pierre under the protection of several batteries. AMARANTHE's fire soon compelled the crew of CYGNE to quit the vessel and her boats under Lieut. James HAY boarded and destroyed the French vessel. The second schooner was destroyed by AMARANTHE's boats, assisted by the schooner EXPRESS.
    AMARANTHE's master, Joshua JONES, was wounded.
  • AMARANTHE assisted in the capture of many vessels bound to the relief of Martinique but PELHAM lost most of his prize money due to the roguery of his agents.
  • 1811 George PRINGLE, Leeward Is.
  • 1814 Richard YATES, 06/1814, who was promoted out of BARROSA.

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