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ALONZO (16) Purchased in 1801.
Harbour service in 1817.
Sunk in 1842.

  • 1801 Capt. CATHCART, Downs.
    On 29 December 1801 a court martial was held aboard IRIS in Sheerness Harbour on Mr J. EWING, purser of the ALONZO for disobeying the orders of Lieut. HAWKINS and for calling him a scandalous scoundrel. He was sentenced to be dismissed his ship. A charge brought by Mr EWING against Lieut. RN DYER of breaking open the purser's chest was judged to be malicious and ill founded.
  • 1802 Capt. FAULKNOR. Downs.
    Returned to Portsmouth on 14 July and sailed for Jersey seven days later.
    On 31 October 1802 ALONZO returned to Portsmouth with part of the stores from POMONE which had broken her back beating into Jersey at night. STARLING had brought some of the stores back on the 1 October and had taken shipwrights out the following day to repair the frigate.
    ALONZO left on the 30 November to set up a rendezvous for the recruitment of seamen in Dublin.
  • 1804 Capt. IMPEY, 11/1803, Portsmouth.
    On Saturday 4 February 1804 she was driven ashore in Chichester Great Park and required dockyard assistance to get her off. She went into Portsmouth harbour on the 10th. to repair the damage she had received.
    On 2 April ALONZO was at Deal with other sloops and the 'stone ships' it was proposed to sink in the entrance to Boulogne harbour. The attempt was abandoned
  • Sept. 1804 James WATSON. She was in the Dungerness squadron of the North Sea fleet employed, with ADDER and FLAME, in watching French shipping off Etaples.
    Cdr. WATSON was promoted to post rank in January 1806.
  • 1807 Sheerness.
  • 1808 W. B. HUNT. William KNIGHT, 06/1808. She was out of commission at Chatham in November.
  • 1809 Edward BARKER, 04/1809.
  • 1810 James VEITCH, 10/1810, Channel, he was posted in August 1812.
  • 1812 John BAYLEY, Guernsey.
  • 1814 Thomas DUTTON, 12/1813, Spithead.
  • 1815 Deptford.

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