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ALEXANDRIA (32) Built in 1806, Portsmouth (built of fir).
Broken up in 1818.

  • The fir built frigate was launched without mishap on the morning of 18 February in the presence of Sir Charles Saxton, the Commissioner, a large number of naval officers and "a vast concourse of people. " A sloop to be named BRAZEN was laid down on the same slip. She mounted twenty-six long 12 pounders, ten 24-pounder carronades and two long sixes, with a complement of 212 officers, men and boys.
  • 1807 Capt. Hon E. KING, Jamaica station.
  • 1808 North Sea.
  • 1809 Capt. John QUILLIAM, who was first lieutenant with NELSON at Trafalgar. He was appointed to INCONSTANT in November 1810
  • 1810 Capt. Robert CATHCART, 11/1810, on the Leith station.
    On 19 July 1813 she and SPITFIRE sloop were off the North Cape when they fell in with Commodore Rogers in the USS PRESIDENT who, accompanied by a privateer schooner, the 10-gun SCOURGE, was waiting to intercept a convoy due to leave Archangel about the middle of the month. From the afternoon of the 19th. until the morning of the 23rd., more than 91 hours, Capt. CATHCART made every effort to close with the Americans, even cutting away his anchors, but they managed to make their escape. Commodore Rogers later claimed that he had been chased by a line-of-battle ship and a frigate.
  • 1815 In ordinary at Sheerness.

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