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ALERT Purchased in 1804, ex Newcastle collier OXFORD and armed with fourteen 18-pounder carronades and two long sixes. She had a complement of 86 officers, men and boys. Taken 1812.
  • On 14 August 1804 she escorted the East India Co's ship OCEAN westwards through the Channel and on the 18th. she sailed from Deal to convoy a fleet of outward bound merchantships as far as Portsmouth.
  • 1805 R. WILLIAMS, off Boulogne.
  • 1807 Ditto, North Sea.
  • 1808 Ditto, convoy to the westward on 20 October.
  • 1809 Alex RENNEY, 03/9.
  • 1811 George TROLLOPE, Newfoundland. He removed to GRIFFON in February 1812.
  • 1812 Thomas Lamb LAUGHARNE.
    On 13 August 1812, while searching for the USS HORNET she was captured by the USS ESSEX of 46 guns and 328 men.
    Capt. Porter of the ESSEX disarmed his prize and sent her, with the prisoners, as a cartel into Halifax.
    A court martial was held there on 8 October to inquire into the circumstances of her loss. The first lieutenant, Mr Andrew DUNCAN was found guilty of disobedience of orders and not rendering the assistance to his captain that he ought to have done and he was sentenced to be dismissed the service. Capt. LAUGHARNE, Mr Johanson CLERING, the master, and Mr William HAGGERTY the purser, were honourably acquitted. The other officers and men, although acquitted, received the marked disapprobation of the court because they all went aft to plead with him to strike the colours.

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