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ALDBOROUGH (24) Built in 1743, Liverpool.
Sold in 1749.

  • April 15th., 1745. Charlestown, S. Carolina.
  • Yesterday Afternoon a French Privateer took (in sight of this Town) a large Brigantine that was coming in, supposed to be Capt. Deane from Boston, with Mr Whitefield on board.
  • April 23. On Wednesday sailed in pursuit of the Privateers that lately appeared and took Vessels in Sight of this Place, His Majesty's Ships ALDEBOROUGH and TARTAR, commanded by Capt. UTTING and Capt. WARD.
  • April 29. By Capt. Butler, from Frederica, we learn. That the Indian Scouts from that Garrison have lately made a tour towards St. Augustine, in which Harbour they described upwards of 30, some said 50 Sail of Vessels, but most agreed, that their Number was so great as to resemble a Cloud or a Forrest, -- As there is rarely above seven or eight Vessels in that Harbour, this uncommon Number of Shipping seen there gives the Georgians some Apprehensions of an Invasion from the French and Spaniards.
  • On Wednesday last the ALDEBOROUGH and TARTAR Men of War returned off this Bar, from before St. Augustine, but met with none of our enemies Vessels nor Captures.
  • 1747 Capt. George DARBY. He was appointed in December to ALDBOROUGH on the North American station, and in January 1748 accompanied Comm. KNOWLES to Jamaica.

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