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ALDBOROUGH (20) Built in 1756, Blackwall.
Broken up in 1771.

  • 1756 Capt. John DONKLEY. Appointed out of NIGHTINGALE in April. Some time afterwards removed to ENTERPRISE and
  • Capt. Thomas LYNN was appointed as a post-captain in ALDBOROUGH on 10 November 1756.
  • 1757 Capt. Taylor PENNY was promoted to post-captain out of the FIREBRAND fire ship on 1 November 1757.
  • 1759 Capt. George WATSON was similarly promoted to post-captain out of the CYGNET sloop, Probably through the influence of Sir Edward HAWKE.
  • 1760 Robert CARPENTER, Promoted to post-captain in ALDEBOROUGH on 3 January. 1760 Capt. Mitchell GRAHAM, appointed 21st. November. Ordered to the Mediterranean, where he remained until the beginning of 1762. He returned to England and retained the same command until the end of the war. He captured a small Spanish privateer of eight guns and sixty-five men, called the GOLONDRINA, and a merchant vessel belonging to Whitehaven, homeward bound from Carolina, which had been taken earlier by the same privateer.
  • 1761 Capt. Mitchell GRAHAM, with Commodore KEPPEL's fleet in the attack on Belleisle in April.
  • 1762 Capt. GRAHAM, sailed on 25 March to convoy victuallers and the trade to Nova Scotia and Quebec. She returned with the homeward-bound trade.

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