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ALBATROSS Built in 1795, Rochester.
Sold in 1807.

  • 1796 George SCOTT.
  • 1798 Charles ADAMS, 07/1798. To the East Indies on 9 July.
  • 1799 Ditto, East Indies. ADAMS was posted in June 1799.
    When Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1799 news reached Bombay that the French had brought the frames of several ships to be set up at Suez.
    CENTURION was sent from Bombay to Mocha where she met up with ALBATROSS and the two of them sailed up to the head of the Red Sea, the first British warships to do so.
  • 1800 W. WALLER, 06/1799, East Indies.
    Since ALBATROSS was in the Red sea he acted as captain of the SYBILLE frigate until he had an opportunity of joining her.
  • In November 1800 he was searching in the Bay of Bengal for two French privateers, CONFIANCE and MALARTIC, and just after midnight on the 13th., when ALBATROSS was about 300 miles north of the Andaman Islands, a strange sail was seen to windward.
    ALBATROSS cleared for action as the stranger came within half a pistol shot and fired two guns.
    When Capt. WALLER hailed to know if she was the British MONGOOSE, he was told "French privateer ADELE heave to and send your boat on board. " ALBATROSS immediately fired a broadside which was returned.
    After half an hour's action the ADELE attempted to board but they were driven back and ALBATROSS' men tried to lash her bowsprit and board in their turn but the lashings carried away and the enemy slipped astern and made a run for it.
    Capt. WALLER went in chase and half an hour later after, an exchange of broadsides with the muzzles touching, the enemy was boarded and the first lieutenant, Mr LAMBERT, took possession. She was armed with 12 guns and carried sixty men, several of whom were killed or wounded. She was purchased by the Hon. East India Co.
  • On the 23 March 1801, some 200 miles to the south, Capt. WALLER took the privateer GLOIRE of 10 guns and 130 men, 7 of whom were killed and 15 wounded before she surrendered. She had left Mauritius with 190 men on board and during her cruise she had captured six British merchantmen and sunk several others. She was purchased by the crown.
  • The capture of these two privateers was so important to the business community that the Madras Insurance Co.
    presented Capt. WALLER with a sword and a piece of plate, each worth 200 as a reward.
    Capt. WALLER was promoted to post captain January 1801 and subsequently commanded DAEDALUS.
  • 1801 Charles MALCOLM, 08/1801. He was promoted to commander out of SUFFOLK and remained in command until December 1802 when he returned to England in the EURYDICE.
  • 1805 J. DUER, East Indies.
  • 1806 James Murray GORDON, 12/1805, East Indies.

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