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ALBANAISE (14) Ketch Taken from the French off Cape Feno by PHOENIX on 3 June 1800. Restored to French same year.
  • 1800 Francis NEWCOMBE. Mediterranean.
    He took the Spanish vessel VIRGEN DE ROSARIO on 20 September 1800 and the trabaccolo SANTA MARIA, taking linseed to Ferraro, on 9 October.
  • Following a mutiny on board by the mainly foreign crew, ALBANAISE was taken into Malaga on the 23 November where she was sold to the enemy and restored to the French navy.
    A court martial was held off Alexandria on the 7 June 1801 to try Capt. NEWCOMBE and his officers.
    The court found that both he and the gunner, Mr LEWYN, resisted until they were wounded and overcome and the other officers were prevented from coming up on deck. They were all acquitted.
    The court also believed that master's mate John TYRROLL, although absent in a prize, was privy to the mutiny and that Alexander M'Kiever and Thomas PARSONS were seen armed.
    Lieut. William Prosser KENT, refused to take the oath from religious motives and the court decided he was unfit to hold a commission.
  • Three of the mutineers were tried by court martial aboard the CENTAUR at Plymouth on the 27 September 1802. One of them was acquitted, a second received 300 lashes around the fleet on the 1 October and was afterwards sent to the Royal Naval Hospital. The third, Patrick (or Henry) KENNEDY, was judged to be the ringleader and he was sentenced to death.
    KENNEDY, a 24 year old Irishman, had been discovered in the Bridewell where he had been sentenced to six months imprisonment for robbery.
    The yellow flag for an execution was hoisted to the fore of the CENTAUR at 8 o'clock on the 16 October and repeated on the HUSSAR in the Hamoaze.
    A procession of all the boats in the fleet, manned and armed, came alongside HUSSAR and the Provost Martial escorted the prisoner on board where he was hanged at the starboard fore-yard arm for an hour.

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