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ALBACORE Built in 1804, Bristol.
Sold in 1815.

  • 1804 Major Jacob HENNIKER, 09/1804, Guernsey under Sir James SAUMAREZ, commander-in-chief at Guernsey.
  • Working under the orders of Commodore D'AUVERGNE, Capt. HENNIKER was directed to intercept French vessels passing along the Normandy coast.
    On 8 October 1804 ALBACORE, ASSAULT and CUTTER sailed in search of an enemy flotilla.
    The latter two vessels failed to find them in the hazy weather but ALBACORE located five luggers armed as gunvessels near Cape Gris Nez de Flamanville.
    Since they were anchored on a lee shore under cover of a battery, Capt. HENNIKER decided to wait until the following day when he closed within two cables of the surf under the direction of Mr. Wybert, the pilot, and opened fire with round and grape shot.
    The enemy vessels were driven ashore until they were covered in surf and their crews scrambled up the beach carrying their wounded.
  • ALBACORE hauled off, hulled in several places and with her main and main-top-masts wounded, but with no casualties.
    When he passed on the 16th. Cdr. HENNIKER saw that the luggers were still there, breaking up under the heavy surf.
  • 1807 John BURN, Jersey.
  • 1811 Corbet James D'AUVERGNE, Guernsey station.
  • 1812 Henry Thomas DAVIES, 08/1811, Guernsey.
    At dawn on 19 December 1812, ALBACORE together with PICKLE and nine merchantmen found themselves becalmed off the Lizard in company with the French frigate GLOIRE (40) commanded by Capt. ROUSIN, which had sailed from Le Havre the previous day.
    ALBACORE engaged as soon as there was some wind but suffered damage and casualties, GLOIRE did not follow up her advantage and fled.
    Lieut. William HARMAN was killed and several men were wounded.
    PICKLE then closed and at about 3 PM BORER (12) and the cutter LANDRAIL (4) also came up and ALBACORE, having repaired her damage, joined them and opened fire with her bow-chasers at about 5 PM
    The GLOIRE replied with her stern guns but continued to run until by midnight on the 19th. she was out of sight.
  • 1814 James BOXER, 02/1814, to Brazil. He was promoted to post rank in the following July.
    Lieut. Joseph PATEY was pro-tem commander from April 1814 to July 1815 when he was superseded.
  • 1815 Theobald JONES, Brazil.

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