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ALARM (32) Built in 1758, Harwich.
Broken up in 1812.

  • One of four 5th. rate frigates ordered on 19 September 1757.
    The others were NIGER (name ship), STAG and AEOLUS.
  • 1761 Capt. Rowland COTTON, she was the first ship in the Royal Navy to have her bottom coppered against worm.
  • 1762 Capt. James ALMS (act.) She joined Ad. Sir George POCOCK's fleet besieging Havana.
    When the 15,500 men under the Earl of Albemarle captured the city on 13 August the booty included 12 Spanish ships-of-the-line and treasure worth three million pounds.
  • The Spanish fire-ship FENIX (18) was taken on 28 May and the THETIS (22) on 3 June as Ad. George POCOCK passed his fleet through the Old Bahama Strait
  • In 1771 ALARM , Capt. John JERVIS, was driven ashore near Marseilles and was only saved from destruction by the efforts of Lieut. Pleville de Lelly of the French navy, and Intendant of the Port.
    About August a box containing several pieces of richly chased plate was sent to him by the Admiralty.
    It was accompanied by this letter:-
  • SIR.
    The service you rendered the frigate, excites our admiration and acknowledgement. Your courage, your prudence, your intelligence; your talents merit, that Providence should crown your zeal. Success was your recompense; but we beg you will accept what Capt. Jervis is charged to bring you, as a homage rendered to your merit and as proof of our gratitude.

    Signed by the Lords of the Admiralty.
  • M. de Lelly was the Minister for Marine in the French Republic in 1797.
  • 1782, Capt. Charles COTTON. With Ad. Sir George RODNEY in the battle of 9 and 12 April. She took part in the battle of Domenica when that island was captured by a French force from Martinique.
  • 1794 Capt. James CARPENTER, 10/1794, West Indies.
    In the early part of 1795 he co-operated with the army under Gen. Sir John Vaughan operating against the Caribs and Blacks of St. Vincent, Grenada and Dominica who, encouraged by the French republicans from Guadeloupe, were attacking and burning plantations, slaughtering men, women and children in the process.
    The uprising was suppressed with high losses on both sides.
    During January ALARM and BELLONA captured the DURAS (20) off the island of Deseada. She had a crew of 70, and was carrying 400 troops.
    He was succeeded by Capt. G. VAUGHAN in December 1795.
  • 1796 Capt. David MILNE, 03/1796, West Indies.
    He destroyed the French corvette LIBERTE (20) off Porto Rico on 30 May 1795.
    His post commission was dated 2 October 1795.
  • 1796 Capt. E. FELLOWES, West Indies, On 23 November 1796 ALARM captured the Spanish corvette GALGO of 18 guns of Grenada.
    The prize had specie to the value of 80,355 dollars on board.
  • ALARM was with Rear Ad. HARVEY's squadron at the conquest of Trinidad in February 1797.
    Later, on the Jamaica station, she captured an Spanish 18-gun-brig of war with a cargo of sugar and the 14-gun schooner FELICE.
  • 1799 Capt. Robert ROLLES, 10/1799, Jamaica. He captured the packet PAJARO (4), during May in the Gulf of Florida and the FELIX (18) in July.
    The CUERVO (4), was taken in February 1800.
  • 1802 Capt. William PARKER. ALARM left Portsmouth on 23 July to collect Dutch troops for Cuxhaven.
    ALARM was paid off on 20 November 1802 and her crew were turned over to DONNEGAL and AMAZON.
    Capt. PARKER took over command of AMAZON.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Portsmouth.

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