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AEOLUS (32) Built in 1801, Deptford.
Broken up in 1817.

  • 1801 Capt. J. W. SPRANGER, Baltic.
    On the morning of 1 January 1802 AOLUS sailed from Portsmouth with a convoy for the West Indies.
    Due to contrary winds they were back again the same afternoon and had to wait until the 4th. before the wind changed.
  • 1803 Capt. A. F. EVANS. Bermuda.
    On 1 February 1804 she captured the American snow ANTELOPE of 155 tons with a crew of eight men which was laden with provisions, dry goods, wine and sundries.
  • 1804 Capt. Lord William FITZROY, Channel.
    On 24 August she sailed from Portsmouth to attend the King at Weymouth. She took part in Sir Richard STRACHAN's action on 4 November 1805.
  • 1807 Ditto, Halifax.
  • At the reduction of Martinique in 1809.
  • 1811 Capt. Lord James TOWNSEND, 12/1810, Halifax.
    After visiting Quebec and Prince Edward Is.
    the AEOLUS was sent to cruise off New York in company with a squadron under Capt. BASTARD.
    On 30 September 1811 she was laid on her beam-ends and her top-masts and mizzen-masts were blown away by a tremendous gale.
    Midshipman Frederick MARRYAT led the men who cut away the main yard in order to right the ship.
  • AEOLUS had a successful cruise between January and March 1813.
    On 5 February she took the American ships RESOLUTION laden with molasses and ROSE laden with cotton and logwood. She and SOPHIE took the JACOB GETTING with rice and corn on 18 February, ELIZABETH with cotton on 24 February and the FEDERAL JACK on 2 March.
    They captured the neutral Spanish ship ANNA with flour and bread on 9 March.
    All the prizes were sent into Bermuda.
  • On 8 May 1813 his Lordship married Elizabeth Wallis, the daughter of the Government Cooper at Halifax.
  • 1813 (Armed en flute) Capt. James Augustus CRICHTON, 08/1813, Quebec.
    He removed to BUSTARD in September 1814.
  • 1815 Woolwich.

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