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ADVICE (50) 4th rate Built in 1712, Deptford.
Sold as MILFORD on 11 May 1749.

  • 1715 Capt. George GORDON. One of the fleet sent to the Baltic under Sir John Norris.
  • 1726 Capt. Charles BROWN. With Vice Ad. Sir George WAGER's Baltic squadron which consisted of 20 ships of the line, one frigate, two fireships and a hospital ship. They sailed from the Nore on the morning of 17 April and on the evening of 23rd. they anchored in the road at Copenhagen. The purpose of the squadron, in conjunction with the Danes and Swedes, was to overawe the Tsarina and thwart the private intrigues between the courts of St. Petersburg and Madrid. The Anglo-Danish fleet remained off the Revel until 28 September, when, having ascertained the the Russian fleet was in no condition to fight and had been laid up, Ad. WAGER sailed for Copenhagen and home. Arriving at the Gunfleet on 1 November.
  • 1727 Capt. William MARTIN. ADVICE was commissioned at Sheerness on 13 Feb. to be ready for any emergency. Because of the death of George I she was re-commissioned on 11 August. On 18 August he was ordered to take HAMPSHIRE and ASSISTANCE under his command and proceed to Gibraltar to put himself under the orders of Sir Charles Wagner. ADVICE continued there for the remainder of the siege and, returning to England with the division under Capt. STEWART, he arrived at Spithead on 18 April 1728. On 3 June Capt MARTIN took temporary command of GRAFTON (70), due to the indisposition of Capt. HADDOCK, being re-appointed to ADVICE on 3 April 1729. She remained at Spithead as a guardship and Capt. MARTIN removed to SUNDERLAND (60), in Nov. 1733.
  • 1739 Capt. Christopher OATES was appointed on 10 August and served on the West Indies station. He died at sea on passage to England with a convoy of ships from Gibraltar and Port Mahon on 14 February 1741. Lieut. W. FIELDING succeeded to the command and arrived in the Downs at the beginning of April. Mr James MORRISON, the Surgeon, died on 28th. February.
  • 1741 Charles BARGRAVE. (or BARGROVE) Promoted to be captain of ADVICE in February after being a lieutenant since 1707. On 27 February 1742 he was sentenced to be dismissed his ship and the Service. The nature of the offence is not known.
  • 1743 Capt. Elliot SMITH.
    With a squadron under Capt. Charles KNOWLES which made an unsuccessful attack on the Spanish settlement of La Guayra on the coast of Caracas, Venezuela, on 18 February 1743.
  • Renamed MILFORD in June 1744, when a new ADVICE was laid down, and sold on 10 April 1749.

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