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ADVICE (50) 4th rate Built in 1745, Rowcliffe, Southampton.
Broken up in 1756.

  • 1752 Capt. Sir Thomas PYE, Commodore on the West Indies station in succession to Mr HOLBURNE.
  • When Sir Thomas FRANKLAND was appointed commodore on the Antigua station in the summer of 1755 his first operation was to quarrel with his predecessor, charging him with misconduct in having condemned ADVICE as unfit for service. To prove it FRANKLAND appointed Lieut. Edmund AFFLECK acting captain of ADVICE (not confirmed by the Admiralty) and went to sea for a short cruise in ADVICE, but, when the vessel returned to England shortly afterwards, the crew had a very narrow escape. It was only by strapping her round with hawsers that they could prevent her falling apart on the passage.
  • Capt. PYE was tried by court martial at Portsmouth at the end of February 1758. He was acquitted on all the main charges, but was reprimanded for, by mistake, charging 200 pounds sterling for a schooner he had purchased for 200 pounds local currency. Due to his suspension, and some management of the promotion list by Lord ANSON, Mr PYE was not advanced to rear admiral until 8 July 1758.

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