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ADVENTURE (10) Discovery vessel Purchased in 1771 as RAYLEIGH ex MARQUIS OF ROCKINGHAM, renamed one month later. A Whitby-built collier.
Sold in 1783.

  • 1771 Lieut. Tobias FURNEAUX with a crew of 82.
    Accompanied Cdr. James COOK in RESOLUTION on his second voyage of discovery in the southern ocean to determine whether Terra Australis existed.
    They left Plymouth on 13 July 1782 and arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on 29 October.
  • On 22 November they sailed south until stopped by pack ice on 14 December and in mid-January 1783 they crossed the Antarctic Circle.
    The two ships parted company on 9 February during thick weather and met up again May at an agreed rendezvous, Queen Charlotte Sound in New Zealand.
    ADVENTURE had been waiting there for 6 weeks before COOK arrived with FURNEAUX trying to cure 20 seamen of scurvy.
    RESOLUTION had only one case and COOK demanded to know the reason.
    He discovered that FURNEAUX had not entirely believed in COOK's anti-scorbutics of worth, marmalade and salt cabbage so one of RESOLUTION's cooks was sent on board to remind him that they worked.
    In June the two ships sailed for Tahiti, arrived there in August and sailed for the Society Islands on 1 September before returning to New Zealand.
    The weather there was very bad with continuous gales and they were separated again at the entrance to Cook Strait.
    COOK waited for 3 weeks at Queen Charlotte Sound but ADVENTURE had been driven far to the eastward and did not reach the Sound until four days after RESOLUTION had sailed.
    ADVENTURE returned to Plymouth via Cape Horn and arrived a year before COOK.
  • 1780 Fireship.
  • Sold in May 1783.

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