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ADMIRAL RAINIER (16) Taken at the arsenal of Onrust in Java by DAEDALUS, CENTURION, BRAAVE and SIBYLLE on 23 August 1800.
  • Twenty-two merchantmen were destroyed and five armed vessels taken in the attack.
    One of the prizes, a brig pierced for 16 guns and just launched was manned, armed and equipped by order of Capt. BALL of DAEDALUS and named ADMIRAL RAINIER in honour of the commander-in-chief.
    Command was given to Lieut. William Hugh DOBBIE, first of CENTURION. She was employed in the blockade of Batavia.
    On one occasion ADMIRAL RAINIER went up the Carawang river with 7 armed boats of the squadron to destroy a depot of grain.
    This was accomplished after destroying 5 proas protecting the place.
    Three more were carried off, together with the commandant's yacht and 3 large proas laden with coffee.
    His losses were only 2 killed and 6 wounded including Mr Robert WATTS.
  • Lieut. DOBBIE returned to CENTURION when Vice Ad. RAINIER's squadron off Java was recalled by the Governor General of India who had undertaken the Mahratta war.

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