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ADMIRAL PASLEY (16) Hired armed brig No details.
  • 1801 Lieut. William WOOLRIDGE, Gibraltar.
    On Wednesday 28 October 1801, some 60 miles E. S. E. of the Cabo de Gata near Almeria, the ADMIRAL PASLEY was chased by a polacca to windward.
    After an hour's action Lieut. WOOLRIDGE, finding the enemy's guns too heavy and having the gaffs, most of the stays and the main rigging shot away, decided that the only way out of the situation was to lay the enemy on board.
    The brig ran across the enemy's hawse and lashed her bowsprit to the capstan. Although they were greatly outnumbered the brig's crew managed to carry her in about a quarter of an hour. She proved to be the Spanish privateer VIRGINIE DEL ROSARIO, pierced for 20 guns but with only 10 mounted two long 24-pounders and eight long 12-pounders. With a complement of 94 men she had been out from Malaga for 20 day but had made no captures. The gunner, Mr James POOKE and two seamen were killed. Lieut. WOOLDRIDGE was shot through the shoulder. Mr Ambrose LIONS, master; Mr George DAVIE, first mate, and five seamen were also wounded. The enemy lost six officers and 15 seamen killed and 13 officers and seamen wounded.
    Lieut. WOOLDRIDGE wrote from Spithead at the end of December to say that he had returned home safely but that the wound in his shoulder had not healed.

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