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ADMIRAL MITCHELL (12) Hired cutter Hired cutter, armed with twelve 12-pounders and with a complement of about 35 men.
  • 1801 Lieut. DARBY, cruising off Boulogne.
  • 1803 Lieut. Alexander SHIPPARD, Downs.
  • On 31 October 1803 Lieut. SHIPPARD ran down to within musket-shot of six enemy sloops and schooners under convoy of a gun-brig which had come out of Etaples and were making for Boulogne.
    He brought the brig, which was armed with twelve 32-pounders, to action under the battery at Patel and continued his attacks for two and a half hours, driving the brig and one of the sloops on to the rocks.
  • The ADMIRAL MITCHELL was hulled in several places, her mast and cross-jack-yard wounded and her sails and rigging cut up by grape.
    One gun was dismounted.
    Two men were badly wounded, one with the loss of a leg, and three others slightly.
  • Although Capt. HONYMAN in LEDA signalled HARPY and LARK, strong winds off shore prevented them going in to assist the cutter.
    In spite of warm commendations from Capt. HONYMAN and Lord KEITH Lieut. SHIPPARD had to wait until March 1804 for promotion.
  • ADMIRAL MITCHELL arrived in the Downs from the Dover Roads on 23 March 1804 and sailed under the command of Lieut. WILLIAMS for Portsmouth with a fleet of transports under convoy on 3 April.

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