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ADMIRAL DE VRIES (68) Armed en flute Taken at Camperdown by Ad. DUNCAN's fleet on 11 October 1797.
Armed en flute.
Sold in 1806.

  • 1798 Capt. Charles William PATERSON, 04/1798. He assumed temporary command of MONTAGU in December. Capt. John WIGHT, 12/1798.
    Following the rebellion in Ireland she was placed under the Transport Board to carry prisoners and 400 men, women and children were embarked at Cork and Waterford with a detachment of the 60th. regiment for transport to Martinique.
  • The carelessness of the gunner and his crew while fumigating the ship resulted in two dreadful explosions in the gun-room but the fire was brought under control on both occasions.
  • While on passage to Jamaica she sprang a leak off San Domingo and a survey determined that she was unfit for sea so she was retained at Port Royal as a prison hulk.
  • His next ship, the LONDON transport, sprang a leak after he embarked a party of the York Hussars for a passage to England. Only with great difficulty was she kept afloat until she returned to Port Royal where she was discharged from the service.

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