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ADDER Built in 1797, Deptford.
Broken up in 1805.

  • 1799 Lieut. JOYCE, North Sea.
  • 1803 Lieut. George WOOD.
    In June 1803 she was stationed off the Wallet, the channel between Clacton and the Gunfleet Sand, to protect trade at the entrance to the Thames.
    ADDER was under the orders of Sir Sidney SMITH with whom she rendezvoused in Hollesley Bay.
  • In August she took an order from the Admiralty to Capt. John LARMOUR in CLYDE (38) off Heligoland instructing him to blockade the Elbe.
    LARMOUR retained ADDER under his orders and she detained the galiot NAPOLEON from Liverpool trying to run the blockade to Hamburg.
  • In 1804 ADDER moved to the Dungerness squadron to keep watch on the French flotilla at Etaples.
    On the 25 August an unusual degree of activity prevailed in Boulogne Road to amuse Buonaparte and one division of the enemy flotilla got under weigh.
    The following day a second division of gun and mortar vessels joined their friends between Vimereux and Ambleteuse, giving a total of 60 brigs and more than 30 luggers.
    IMMORTALITE, HARPY, ADDER and the CONSTITUTION cutter made sail towards them and a quarter of an hour later opened fire. The French kept near the shore to draw them into range of their batteries but the four vessels stood in to within three quarters of a mile. CONSTITUTION was sunk without loss, a shell fell on HARPY killing one man and IMMORTALITE had four men wounded. Before the British squadron hauled off several of the enemy were driven ashore and the rest bore up for Boulogne.
  • A survey at Sheerness on 21 January 1805 concluded that her condition was so bad that she should be paid off.

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