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ACUTE (12) Gunboat No. 6 Built in 1797, Rotherhithe.
Sold in 1802.

  • 1798 Lieut. Jeremiah LEAVER, Nore.
  • ACUTE took part in Captain Home POPHAM's expedition to land 1400 troops at Ostend during the night of 19 May 1798 and blow up the Saas lock on the Bruges-0st.end canal. The object of the operation was to prevent invasion barges being brought from Holland. The gates were destroyed but the sea state made it impossible to re-embark the troops.
    Later off the mouth of the Blackwater, Essex.
  • Lieut. LEAVER faced a court martial at Sheerness in December 1800 when a letter from the crew charged him with having embezzled a part of his Majesty's stores entrusted to his charge and having deprived the crew of ACUTE of their provisions. He was acquitted on the first part of the charge but, the latter being proved in part, he was severely reprimanded by the court.

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