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ACTIVE (28) Built in 1758, Deptford.
Taken in 1778.

  • 1759 Capt. Herbert SAWYER (1). With Ad. Edward BOSCAWEN's fleet at Gibraltar in August 1759.
    On 21 May 1762 the HERMIONE, a Spanish register ship, bound from Lima to Cadiz was captured off Cape St. Vincent by ACTIVE and FAVOURITE, Capt. POWNALL. The Spaniards had been unaware that war had been declared and made no resistance. Her cargo was valued at about one million pounds sterling. After all charges had been paid the net proceeds from the cargo amounted to 519,705 pounds.
    After that the Admiral and Commodore received 64,963 pounds, ACTIVE's share, omitting shillings and pence, was as follows: Capt. SAWYER, 65,053 pounds; Three commissioned officers, 13,004 pounds each; Eight Warrant Officers, 4,336 pounds each; Twenty Petty Officers, 1,806 pounds each; 158 Seamen etc., 485 pounds each.
  • 1776 Capt William WILLIAMS, sailed from Cork on 12 February. West Indies.
    ACTIVE was hit by a bad storm in August 1778 which forced her to throw eleven guns overboard; her mainmast was sprung and she lost her topmasts, so when she was attacked by two French frigates, LA CHARMANTE (38) and LA DEDAIGNEUSE (26) off San Domingo, she struck after the second broadside.

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