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ACTEON (16) Taken from the French by EGYPTIENNE off Rochefort on 3 Oct. 1805.
Broken up in 1816.

  • 1809 Ralph Viscount NEVILLE, 08/1809.
    On 6 November 1809 she assisted at the capture of a French privateer lugger LEZARD, pierced for 14 guns, off Scilly.

    LISBON 3 March 1810.
    The PRINCESS ELIZABETH packet, Capt. Kidd, arrived on the 26th. ult. and will sail again for England tomorrow. By some unfortunate mistake the packet had an engagement on her passage here with an English brig of war which lasted about two hours and a half, the brig firing round and grape-shot the whole time, from 16 pounders, when Capt. Kidd, finding it useless to contend any longer with a vessel of such superior force, ceased firing, and the brig proved to be the ACTEON, commanded by the Right Honourable Lord Neville. Fortunately no person on board the packet was hurt, and the mail was saved. It waited only the signal for letting go when the officers who came on board to take possession of their prize turned out to be English. The damage on board the brig was not known when the boat left her, but it was feared that some of her men were wounded.

    From the London Times, March 30 1810.
  • ACTEON was part of the fleet under Vice Ad. BERTIE at the reduction of Mauritius in 1810.
  • After the capture of the island Capt. NEVILLE was posted into the BOADICEA and Vice-Ad. BERTIE gave command of ACTEON to his nephew Bertie Cornelius CATOR and sent him home with duplicate dispatches.
    He was the first to arrive at the Admiralty on 13 February 1811 and received a gratuity of 500 pounds for his good news.
    CATOR was then employed in taking a single letter to Calcutta and returning with an answer.
    Due to the sickly state of ACTEON's crew this took 10 months.
  • ACTEON then cruised off Cherbourg and the Norwegian coast before being sent to North America.
    On 22 September she landed marines at Lynhaven Bay by Hampton Roads (Willoughby Point, at one end of the bay is now a major naval base) where, after a short action with American dragoons and infantry, they destroyed a barracks, captured 9 American soldiers and killed and wounded several others.
    One marine was severely wounded.
  • During the very severe winter of 1813 ACTEON provided watering parties for the British squadron blockading the Chesapeake. She also assisted in the capture and destruction of numerous coasting vessels.
  • 1815 John ROSS, 06/1814, (the Arctic explorer.) to Holland with troops.

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