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ACTAEON (28) Built in 1757, Chatham Dockyard.
Sold in 1766.

  • 1760 Capt. Paul Henry OURRY from SUCCESS.
    With Commodore KEPPEL at the attack on Belleisle in 1761 and after the surrender of the island with a squadron sent in an unsuccessful search for French shipping in the Basque Road.
  • On 14 December 1761 ACTAEON and TEMERAIRE (74) sailed from Belleisle with troops under command of Brig. Gen. Rusan and joined Rear Ad. RODNEY's fleet, which had sailed from England in October, in Carlisle Bay, Barbados.
    On the 24th. troops under the command of Maj. Gen. Monkton joined from America.
    After a few days to water his ships, RODNEY sailed with his men of war and transports carrying 13,965 troops and anchored in St. Anne's Bay, Martinique, on 8th. January 1762.
    By 28 February RODNEY was able to report that the island had surrendered.
    On 4 February ACTAEON, cruising off Tobago, fell in with and took a large Spanish regular ship, laden with cannon, powder, small arms and ordnance stores, bound for Laguira.
  • In 1766 ACTAEON was found to be unserviceable and sold in September.

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