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ACORN (18) Built in 1808, Bideford.
Broken up in 1819.

  • 1808/1804 Robert CLEPHANE, Mediterranean.
    When, on 28 July 1809, an enemy convoy was sighted standing along the northern coast towards Trieste, Capt. John WEST in EXCELLENT anchored near the shore and cut them off from their destination.
    The enemy took shelter in Duino, about 12 miles to the north-west of Trieste, where, covered by the fire of ACORN and BUSTARD, the squadron's boats under Lieut. John HARPER, 1st. of EXCELLENT, went in and took complete possession of six Italian gunboats and ten trabaccolos which were loaded with brandy, flour, rice and wheat.
    Capt. CUMMINGS of the Royal Marines took a small party ashore to protect the people launching the prizes from musket fire from the cliffs around the port.
    ACORN had no casualties.
  • In 1810 the squadron in the Adriatic consisted of AMPHION, ACTIVE, CEREBUS, all 32-gun frigates, and ACORN.
    On 6 October AMPHION and ACTIVE sighted a large French fleet off Ancona.
    Outnumbered they sailed for Lissa (Vis) to collect CEREBUS and ACORN but while they were returning to Ancona the French raided Lissa and burnt the shipping in Port St. George.
  • 1811 Capt. George Miller BLIGH, 02/1811, Mediterranean as a post sloop. She formed part of the force employed protecting Lissa under Capt. Murray MAXWELL.
    ACORN was lying at Port St. George in Lissa (Vis) on 28 November 1811 when 3 strange sails were seen to the southward.
    The 3 frigates in the harbour, ALCESTE, ACTIVE and UNITE, sailed in pursuit leaving their marines with ACORN to protect the island.
  • 1814-1815 George HENDERSON, 1813/06/23, East Indies. He removed to MINDEN (74) on 14/04/1820.
  • 1816 Joseph PRIOR, East Indies
  • 1817-1818 Chatham.

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