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ACHATES (16) Taken by SURVEILLANTE (38) off Ushant 30 October 1809 as MILAN.
Sold in 1815.

  • 1810 John DAVIES (2), 05/1810, Jersey.
    On 12 March 1811 a court martial was held on board SALVADOR DEL MUNDO in the Hamoaze at which Mr Nathanie PRYNN, master of ACHATES, who had been sent on board her as a deserter, was charged with absenting himself from the ship for several months.
    The charge being proved, he was dismissed his situation as a master, with loss of all his pay, and ordered to serve before the mast.
  • 1813 Isaac MORRISON, 03/1813, Plymouth.
    On 30 September 1813 two French frigates, WESER and TRAVE sailed from the Texel but on 16 October they were separated during a gale.
    Five days later, then being some 200 miles N. W. of Cape Finisterre, ACHATES discovered TRAVE on her weather beam and made sail in chase of her.
    At 7.30 AM she engaged the frigate and had her sails and rigging damaged in the return fire.
    At noon another exchange of shot took place until the TRAVE was concealed by the squally weather.
    ANDROMACHE, Capt. TOBIN, and PYRAMUS, Capt. DUNDAS, then came up and TRAVE struck to the former after a short action.
    WESER was taken by SCYLLA and ROYALIST. The two enemy ships were laid down on the same day and were brought into Plymouth as prizes on the same day.
  • On 25 February 1814 the frigate EUROTAS was badly damaged in an action with the French frigate CLORINDE. She managed to keep in touch with the enemy during the night but then had the mortification of seeing CLORINDE surrender to DRYAD and ACHATES which had crossed the enemy's course some 4 or 5 miles ahead of EUROTAS.
  • 1814 Thomas Lamb LAUGHARNE, 07/1814, off the coast of Spain.

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