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ABERGAVENNY (54) An East Indiaman purchased in 1795.
Sold in 1807.

  • 1795/1806 Capt. E. T. SMITH.
  • 1797/1805 Capt. John CROCHET was posted into her by Sir Hyde PARKER in the West Indies.
    He remained in her until June 1798 when he moved to THUNDERER.
  • 1798/1809 Capt. Samuel Peter FORSTER was promoted to her out of ALBICORE as flag captain to Sir Peter PARKER.
  • Her launch captured the Genoese merchant ship SAN JOSEPH, in ballast, off Portland Point, Jamaica, on 18 November 1798; the LOUISA schooner, under Danish colours but carrying staves which were French property, in Cow Bay, Jamaica, on 14 February 1799, and the CANDELACIA, a Spanish merchant schooner laden with dollars, near Cow Bay on 9 March 1799.
  • Another nine merchant vessels were taken by ABERGEVENNY's tender between 18 March and 27 July.
    Two were laden with mules and one, the French schooner FORTUNEE, taken of St. Jago de Cuba, had 24,000 dollars on board.
  • 1800/1802 Capt. Charles LAROCHE.
    He was promoted out of STORK.
    Guardship at Port Royal, Jamaica.
    Capt. Robert MENDS (post commission May 1800) who removed to THUNDERER (74) in September.
  • 1801 Capt. Henry VANSITTART who was promoted out of BONETTA and subsequently also commanded THUNDERER which returned to Europe with Sir Robert CALDER.
    ABERGAVENNY was reported by AMBUSCADE to be at Port Royal in December 1801 but she does not appear in the Navy List after this.

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