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ABERCROMBIE (74) The French LE D'HAUTPOUL, taken by POMPEE, CASTOR and RECRUIT off Puerto Rico on 17 April 1809.
Sold in 1817.

  • 1809 Capt. John RICHARDS, Antigua.
    He removed from FORESTER into ABERCROMBIE at the beginning of June 1809, when he was made post, to act as captain until 31 August when he was appointed to CYCLOPS.
    On 16 December 1809 ABERCROMBIE, with Capt. William FAHIE in command, was at anchor in Fort Royal Bay, Martinique, with POMPEE, flagship of Vice Ad. Sir Alex COCHRANE. The brig OBSERVATEUR was sighted making signals that she was being chased by enemy frigates so SCEPTRE, ALFRED and FREIJA, which had just entered the bay, were sent off together with ALCMENE to investigate while POMPEE and ABERCROMBIE weighed and proceeded towards the Saintes.
    About noon on the 18th. PULTUSK informed Ad. COCHRANE that two of the enemy frigates were at anchor to the Northwest of Basse-Terre.
    ABERCROMBIE was left to guard Point-a-Pî tre while SCEPTRE, BLONDE, THETIS, FREIJA, CASTOR, CYGNET, HAZARD, RINGDOVE and the ELIZABETH schooner completely destroyed the two frigates, LOIRE and SEINE, and the shore batteries defending the anchorage.
  • In February 1810 Ad. COCHRANE appointed Capt. FAHIE to the temporary rank of Commodore and placed him in naval command of the expedition to capture the enemy islands in the Antilles. General Harcourt commanded the military force.
  • Capt. FAHIE arrived off St. Martin's at daybreak on 14 February with his squadron: VIMEIRA, SNAP, MORNE FORTUNEE, FROLIC, SURINAM, SUPERIEURE and RINGDOVE.
    RINGDOVE with a company of the 25th. regiment was sent to Marigot Bay and accepted the surrender of the French garrison there. The Dutch prevaricated so Capt. FAHIE ordered three brigs to anchor close in shore while a landing was effected. Faced with force the Dutch capitulated and were evacuated in SURINAM to Guadeloupe.
    On 21 February ABERCROMBIE anchored in the roads at St. Eustatius with RINGDOVE. By the following morning the articles of capitulation had been ratified and the grenadier company of the 25th. regiment occupied the fort.
    In May ABERCROMBIE lay at anchor in Carlisle Bay Barbados with SCEPTRE, STATIRA and DENMARK.
  • 1811 Ditto, Lisbon, later off L'Orient, then with the Channel fleet. She sent a French brig into Plymouth on 25 September.
  • By May 1814 she was out of commission in the Hamoaze.

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