Sea Shanties

Nelson's victories at Copenhagen, the Nile and Trafalgar have been celebrated by numerous ballads.

Published on leaflets, they were very popular amongst the sailors during the first part of nineteenth century.

Three of them can be found here. These don't qualify as shanties, not being intended to be work songs, but rather as f'c'le songs.

Léon Barideau

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  • The banks of the Nile : broadside, date unknown.
  • Nelson's victory at Copenhagen : Real sailor songs, J. Ashton, 1891.
  • Nelson's death : the lyrics are a combination of one broadside published by Such, London, and one by Firth, Rockington, first half of nineteenth century.

The songs can be heard on:

  • Topic disc 232 Valiant sailor
  • Antholgie des chansons de mer, vol 4, SCOP du Chasse-marée
  • Ballades et shanties des matelots anglais CD Ref. 08 00 57

More information on shanties in general can be found in :

  • Stan Hugill, Shanties from the seven seas, London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1966, rp 1984.



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